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1. Vegetarian spring roll (4 pcs)

Vegetables, vermicelli, fungus wrapped in crispy pastry and served with dipping sauce

2. Curry puff (4 pcs)

Puff pasty filled with potato, sweet potato, peas lightly spices with curry powder and served with dipping sauce

3. Deep fried tofu

Fried soft tofu served with dipping sauce

4. Coconut prawn (2pcs)

Deep fried coconut crumbed prawns served with dipping sauce

5. Kanom jeeb (4pcs)

Steamed wonton dumplings mixed with chicken and prawns with dipping sauce

6. Money bag (4pcs)

Crispy fried pastry filled with chicken, carrot, corn, water chesnut, served with dipping sauce

7. Chicken wings (4pcs)

Marinated chicken wings served with dipping sauce

8. Satay (4pcs)

Grilled marinated chicken thigh fillet on a skewer topped with satay sauce

9. Moo ping (4pcs)

Char grilled skewers of marinated tender pork served with dipping sauce

10. Salt and pepper squid

Deep fried squid tossed in flour served with dipping sauce

11. Fish cake (4 pcs)

Fish fillet mixed with mild chiili paste, served with dipping sauce

12. Mixed entrée (4pcs)

Veg Spring roll, curry puff, fish cake, crab spring roll with dipping sauce


13. Tom yum

Spicy and sour soup with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leafs and mushroom.

14. Tom kha

(chicken only) Coconut milk soup with chilli jam and mushroom

Salads & Grills

15. Som tum

Green papaya salad with dried shrimp, beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, garlic, lime and chilli

16. Larb gai (chicken salad)

Warm cooked Minced chicken mixed with shallots, coriander, mints, ground chilli ground roasted rice

17. Yum nua (beef salad)

Sliced marinated beef mixed with chilli-lime juice, red onions, mint leaves and herbs.

18. Gai yang

Char grilled marinated chicken served with Sweet chiili sauce

19. Crying tiger

Char grilled marinated beef served with Jim Jaew sauce

20. Prawn salad

Cooked prawn with chilli-lime juice, red onions, tomato, cucumber and herbs

21. Yum talay (seafood salad)

Cooked mixed seafood with chilli-lime juice, red onions, mint, tomato,cucumber and herbs

22. Duck salad

Roast duck breastsliced with chilli-lime juice, Lychee, pineapple, tomato ,cucumber and herbs


23. Green curry

Medium hot authentic curry paste based with coconut milk, bamboo shoot eggplant, basil leaves

24. Red curry

mild curry in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, basil and assorted vegetables

25. Panang curry

Thick and creamy curry, in coconut cream, green bean and carrot with kaffir lime leaves.

26. Yellow curry

Mild Southtern Curry in coconut milk with potatoes and onions

Wok on Fire

27. Chilli basil

Stir fried chilli and fresh basil with assorted vegetables

28. Cashew nut

Stir fried chilli jam sauce with cashew nut and assorted vegetables

29. Oyster sauce

Stir fried oyster sauce with assorted vegetables & mushroom and baby corn

30. Garlic & pepper

Stir fried garlic and pepper, onions with steam vegetables

31. Fresh ginger

Stir fried fresh ginger, shallot, carrot, baby corn and black fungus

32. Peanut sauce

Stir fried assorted vegetables with homemade peanut sauce

33. Pad prik khing

Stir fried curry paste with green bean,carrot and sliced chilli

34. Sweet & sour

Stir fried with pineapple, cucumber, tomato and flavoured with tomato sauce

35. Palate pad ped

Stir fried southern style, lemongrass curry paste, green bean, carrot and sliced red chilli


36. Pad thai

Traditional stir fried Thin rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, garlic chives and tofu

37. Pad see iw

Stir fried wide rice noodle with sweet & dark soy sauce, chinese brocoli, carrot and egg

38. Pad kee mao

Stir fried wide rice noodle with chilli & dark soy sauce, chinese brocoli, carrot basil, peppercorn and egg

39. Hokkien noodle

Stir fried noodles with soy sauce, bean sprout, carrot, onion, broccoli and egg

40. Thai laksa noodle soup

Aromatic noodle soup with laksa curry paste, coconut milk, bean sprout, tofu & crisp fried onion

41. Rad nha noodle

Flat rice noodle or Crispy egg noodles with carrot and chinese brocoli in homemade gravy sauce

42. Singapore noodle

Stir fried rice vermicelli noodle with curry powder, bean sprout, chinese cabbage, carrot, onion and egg

Fried Rices

43. Thai fried rice

Fried rice with oyster sauce, onion, shallot, carrot, chinese brocoli and egg

44. Chilli basil fried rice

Fried rice with chilli & basil sauce, onion, shallot, carrot, Chinese brocoli and egg

45. Tom yum fried rice

Fried rice with tom yum chilli paste, onion, shallot, carrot, chinese brocoli and egg

46. Pineapple fried rice

Fried rice with pineapple,onion, shallot, carrot, sultanas, cashew nut and egg

47. Crab meat fried rice

Fried rice with crab meat, onion, carrot, and egg

Thai Palate Specialties

48. Salt and pepper squid (main size)

Deep fried squid tossed in flour served with dipping sauce

49. Kana moo grob

Stir fried chinese brocoli with oyster sauce and pork belly

50. Prik khing pork belly

Stired fried pork belly wok tossed with red curry paste, Green bean, carrot and chilli

51. Chilli basil pork belly

Stir fried pork belly wok with chilli basil sauce, green beans, bamboo, chilli and basil leaves

52. Massaman curry (beef)

Slow cooked chunks of tender beef in thick mild, coconut curry with onion, potatoes and peanuts

53. Snow pea prawns

Stir fried prawns with snow pea, carrot, baby corn

54. Green chilli and basil mussels

Stir fried fresh mussels with chilli jam, green chilli, peppercorn and basil leaves

55. Duck curry

Roasted breast duck in red curry with, cherry tomatoes, lychee, pumpkin & pineapple

56. Soft shell crab

Selection of Tamarind sauce or Garlic sauce or Chilli jam

57. Somtum with soft shell crab

Crispy soft shell crab with papaya salad

58. prawn tamarind

Deep fried prawns with tamarind sauce served with steamed vegetable

59. Prawn opb woon sen

Stir fried prawns and glass noodles with ginger and lovage

60. Pla pad prik khing (fish fillet)

Stir fried crispy fish fillet, wok tossed with red curry paste, green beans, chilli

61. Pad cha talay (seafood)

Stir fried curry paste, peppercorn,Thai basil and eggplant

62. Salmon choo chee

Thick coconut red curry with grilled salmon

63. Ho mok

Exotic mix seafood or fish fillet cooked with mild curry paste and served in fresh coconut

64. Lamb cutlets

Marinated lamb cutlets with pepper, sesame oil, garlic, coriander served with salad

65. Crispy snapper with three flavour sauce

Deep fried whole snapper, crumbed and pieced served with combination of sweet, sour and chilli sauce

66. Crispy snapper green apple salad

Deep fried whole snapper, crumbed and pieced served with green apple salad Dressed in mint leaves, coriander, shallot, onion, chilli, lime juice

Side Dishes

67. Steamed rice


68. Sticky rice


69. Coconut rice


70. Saffron rice


71. Peanut sauce



72. Sticky rice with thai custard

(Lightly sweet)

73. Deep fried ice cream


74. Black sticky rice with coconut milk



75. Soft drink (can)


76. Lemon lime bitter


77. Tea

78. Juice

79. 1.25l



80. Extra